Contributing to OrgManager

Everyone can contribute to OrgManager, in either one way or another. Here, you can find a few ways to do it:

If you are a developer (AKA Helping at code)

OrgManager is built on top of Laravel, a PHP web framework for Artisans. If you have worked with Laravel before, you'll find the OrgManager code easy to understand (If you don't, drop me a line and I'll be happy to help you :smile:). You can find open issues to work on labelled with the up-for-grabs label. Of course, you can always open a new one to suggest a new feature, and pull requests to improve code style are always welcome!

If you want to make your first contribution to Open Source (AKA Helping with small tasks)

Open Source Software powers the web. If you want to make your first contribution to the Open Source world, we'll love to help you. You'll find easy tasks that require no code labelled under the beginners-only label. Just drop a comment and we'll help you from there. If you need aditional help, you may find the Open Source Guides useful.

If you have a GitHub account (AKA Starring the project)

Stars on GitHub are a measure of the project quality and usage. If you take a moment in starring the OrgManager repository, you'll be helping more people to find OrgManager! Just go to the repository page and click the star button at the top. star2

If you are member of an "Open GitHub Organization" (AKA Using OrgManager)

"Open GitHub Organizations" are GitHub Organizations everyone can join (maybe they have to make a small contribution, but then they're in). If you are an administrator, you may find OrgManager useful. If you are member of an open organization, you can ask your administrators to try it.

If you would like to support OrgManager (AKA Financial Support)

Does your organization use OrgManager? Do you use it for your personal projects? You can help me keep mantaining OrgManager by pledging as low as $1/month to my Patreon page. You'll also be supporting a wide range of other non-profit & open-source projects. You can do that from my Patreon page.

If you are an influential person (AKA Sharing OrgManager)

It would be awesome if you could share OrgManager in the social networks, especially if your audience is developer-related. Thanks!