Installing the OrgManager Developer Version

To install the OrgManager Development Version, follow this steps:

1. Download beta version

Open your terminal and run

bashCopy to clipboard
git clone

2. Add OrgManager to your server

This step depends on your server

This step is different depending on the server you use. Normally you can get the process by searching "How to setup Laravel with X" and skipping the laravel install part. Instructions for hotel are provided, as it is the recommended server for development.

Setup instructions for hotel:

Open the OrgManager folder with the terminal/console and run

bashCopy to clipboard
hotel add 'php artisan serve --port $PORT'

Now, if you configured custom domains, you can now access orgmanager.{yourtld}. If you didn't, access localhost:2000 and click OrgManager. Yeah, it should be showing that error page, don't worry smile

3. Setup .env

Copy the .env.example file to an .env file. Open the .env file with your favourite text editor/IDE and fill the database, reCaptcha and GitHub settings (you can leave the rest empty).

4. Finish the setup

Open the orgmanager folder with the terminal/console and run

bashCopy to clipboard
composer update


bashCopy to clipboard
php artisan app:install

5. Done!

You have now the OrgManager beta version up an running in your server! (Note that OrgManager is not auto-updated, read the updating section for more info).